Friday, 9 December 2011

kupi pes

i want u 2 love me more than i do..

believe me, u the only person who have the key of my heart...
if u dont returned it, there will nobody can replace u..

we argued many time already, we still make it.. cant we always forgive n forget after arguing wit each other??

n u should dont afraid with anything.. the future is not for our to see.. but it is for our to plan..

i dont care if u teasing me 24 hours, as long it make u happy..

when i say i hate u, i never meant it...

i want more good memories between us.. not bad memories..

this is my promises to u..

i want u to protect me olwez...

i hope u always be there everytime i need u...

everytime i ask u to go, did u think i really want u to leave me alone???
last nite, i dreamt about u twice...
juz wanna let u knw.. >.<"

i dont care about ur past, wat i want is only U..

i love u so much... <3<3<3

u always make me waiting... please dont make me wait for u for a long time... coz i miss u so much dear..

dont ever think to make me feel awkward..
ok.. promiz..??

i always believe in u my dear..

u r always be in my heart..

i'm not a perfect person which means i will always make a mistakes but pliz do not give up on me..

will u say sorry if itis ur fault or u juz let me feel sorry for ya..

or waiting for u like waiting for a train in a bus station.. :(


so forgive me if i suddenly become so jealousy, it is all bcoz of u..

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